Shemale cowgirl Milla Viasotti


TS Milla Viasotti looks extra hot dressed as a sexy shemale cowgirl showing cleavage.


I like it when TS Milla blows me kisses. Watching her makes my dick insanely hard.


This picture taken from the back, showing that great Argentinian shemale ass.


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TS Milla Viasotti in bikini top and cute shorts


Here’s TS Milla Viasotti again, hanging out on her balcony having some fun in her bikini top and cute shorts. She definitely has some feminine curves to her, I think heads will turn wherever she walks, particularly in a sexy outfit like this.


Who could guess that TS Milla Viasotti was really a shemale underneath her clothes? Especially when she’s showing cleavage and squeezing those curvy boobs together. I’m telling you those tight jean shorts are concealing a big tranny surprise!

Milla Viasotti as the sexy sailor with a surprise


Like most tgirls, TS Milla Viasotti loves to dress up in sexy costumes and uniforms.


In this sexy sailor uniform, this Argentine shemale packs quite the big cock surprise.


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Phone sex with Milla Viasotti

Milla Viasotti dresses sexy before taking a phone sex call from one of her members.

Look at that amazing body! Look at that amazing shemale ass! It should be spanked.

TS Milla smiles, liking what she is hearing on the phone. She’s starting to bulge.

She pulls her shemale cock out and describes exactly what she’s doing on the phone.

TS Milla Viasotti lifts her ass in the air, imagining him behind her about to pound her.

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TS Milla in tiny bikini with hard cock


TS Milla looks absolutely amazing, showing off her sexy body in this very tiny bikini.


In a secluded spot, Milla Viasotti poses seductively in the water. That shemale ass looks delicious. Hard to imagine this attractive tgirl is packing the meat.


TS Milla takes off the bikini to reveal her growing boner. Tits and cock matches well.


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TS Milla Viasotti in one of her sluttiest dresses


This is the kind of outfit Milla Viasotti wears going out to the clubs. It’s very revealing.


It’s one of her sluttiest dresses. When she wears it, TS Milla feels she can be naughty.


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TS Milla Viasotti has gorgeous curves, enough to rival some famous models I think.


Now that is an ass to die for. TS Milla knows how to shake it and make men go crazy.


As this beautiful shemale takes her clothes off, she reveals a large throbbing boner.


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TS Milla Viasotti bikini collection


TS Milla Viasotti lives on the beach in Argentina. That means lots and lots of bikinis.


With her incredible body, Milla Viasotti draws lots of attention in her skimpy bikinis.


Not many people even suspect TS Milla is a beautiful shemale – a chick with a dick.


Milla Viasotti plays in the ocean surf as her wet shemale ass peeks above the waves.

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TS Milla putting on her makeup


Here are some ‘behind the scenes’ shots of TS Milla putting on her makeup before hitting the resort beach in her bikini. I guess the bikini top always goes on last, right?


Satisifed she’s looking her best, TS Milla Viasotti checks herself out in the mirror and poses for some sexy shots. This beautiful shemale has all the right curves.


This mirror shot almost makes me believe TS Milla Viasotti has a twin sister. Wouldn’t that be amazing, two gorgeous shemales who could partake in a fantasy threesome!

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TS Milla Viasotti at beach side resort


TS Milla Viasotti gets wet in the beach side resort pool in her revealing bikini outfit.


Milla Viasotti poses next to a palm tree in her skimpy bikini, looking very sexy.


On the beach, TS Milla plays with her bikini top so her jumblies threaten to pop out.


TS Milla Viasotti lays down on the beach for a pose. I wonder how many are watching?


Looking out to sea, we get a nice backside view of TS Milla and her fine shemale ass.

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